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Anonymous asked: What do you feel about Donald Glovers twitter comments about rape?


I’ve never seen him tweet about rape other than when he said “I hope I out grow Bro Rape” which is a comedy skit Derrick Comedy put out. That was really just saying that he doesn’t want to be known for that one skit alone since it was popular. In my opinion he’s already outgrown that 10x over.

So maybe I’m missing something?

I’m also not really sure where this question is coming from….?

Wouldn’t it have just been easier to ask me where I stand on the subject of rape? What I think about rape jokes? Have I ever been raped? Rather than wanting to judge me for listening to Gambino’s music because he MAY have made an offbeat comment about rape at some point which, lets be honest unless he posted it himself, may not even be something that he said or could have been taken way out of context as a lot of celeb remarks are.

He also fully admits to some of regrets he has about his past work - whether it be in comedy or in music. He thinks that CAMP came off as misogunistic and I honestly doubt that he hates women. 

I like Donald Glover. I like Childish Gambino. I hate rape. I hate rapists and I find jokes about rape very distasteful.

I hate that rape is even a thing. I hate what it does to people. I don’t believe it’s right to joke about rape or rape victims. I  wish that convicted rapists would serve more time than petty drug dealers. I wish that every person in the world who has been forced to experience that finds a way to feel whole again. I hope they heal, I hope they move on, I hope they forgive - but forgive in a way that allows them to  be fully happy in life not in a way that I believe that their attacker deserves forgiveness - they don’t. Ever, at all because it’s never a mistake. I wish that attackers could feel every single day the pain and suffering they cause their victims.


i wonder how much longer i have before it’s completely impossible for me to google information pertaining to my degree

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